Sunday, March 10, 2013

Final Summative Project!

  Embedded in this post is my final summative project for my Internet For Educators class.  My very last class in my entire life I might add!  Woot woot!! It is weird to think that all these years of schooling has come to an end, but then I just begin to think that I'll be in a classroom for the rest of my life!  Feels quite good to be at this point!  The Internet for Educators class was a great class to have as my last class, and if anyone is reading this who is going to be going into the Faculty of Education at Brandon University, I highly recommend taking it.

  It took me awhile to figure out how to make all my audio one file, and then how to put it into slideshare, but once I did it turned out to be a really good tool to use.  I will be using it in the future!

  Thanks to everyone who was with me for my journey, and good luck to everyone in the future!!

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  1. Hey Scott, great final project. I am so glad you decided to join the class, it has been great getting to know you over the last few years. I really enjoyed reading your blog - great style - I hope you keep at it. Keep in touch & all the best in the future!